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1. Apply for an urban planning certificate

The first step is to consult the local urban plan (PLU) or the land use plan (POS), which vary from municipality to municipality.
Are you entitled to transfer part of your land?
What is the minimum surface area needed to build a house?
If the project is feasible, it is necessary to understand easements (water, gas and electricity, right of way …) and the possibility of connecting the land to waste and running water systems, if not yet in place.

The answer to all these questions will allow us to file an application for an operational urban planning certificate FOR YOU at the town hall under the best terms

2. Solicit a land surveyor expert

If you sell a parcel of land, the use of a land surveyor expert is essential. He/she intervenes firstly to carry out a survey of the proposed area, taking into account your wishes and the PLU. If the land is surrounded by private property, the surveyor meets with neighbours to study their entitlements and plans as set out in their bill of sale, and to collect their comments (we speak of “contradictory survey markers”).
He/she then defines the boundary separating the two properties and has the boundary report signed by each neighbour.
This operation is made official by placing survey markers in situ.
The surveyor’s mission ends with the preparation of a survey document (or “document modifying the cadastral parcel”), which serves to identify the new plots from the division and to update the cadastral plan. It must be attached to the deed of sale.

3. Sell

As for all real estate, CABINET BOURGOGNE ALESIA can take care of the sale.
We will define a price together and sign a sale’s mandate.
Note: The time between the signing of the sales agreement and that of the act of sale before a notary, is a little longer than that of a house sale for example. It takes more than a semester, the time required for the purchaser to obtain his building permit and for the third-party appeal period to be served.