Cabinet Bourgogne Alésia is able to help you find the most preferential financial solution.

 It’s not always good to be faithful when it comes to credit! There is little chance that your seniority can play a positive role with your banker.

Cabinet Bourgogne Alesia has set up partnerships with a local bank and a loan broker. They’ll reserve a warm welcome for you.

You will be dealt with quickly, allowing you to set up your financing under the best conditions.

What is a real estate broker?

The broker is appointed by his client to negotiate with different partners on his behalf, in order to find the best rates and the most favorable pricing conditions.

What are the advantages?


The real estate broker has no interest in favouring one bank over another. He will advise his client on the contract that best suits his interests and his project.


With a good knowledge of financial institutions and their conditions, the real estate broker can obtain preferential and advantageous rates from the banks.


For delicate or complicated cases, the use of a broker can prove beneficial. His/her expertise and knowledge of the market allows him/her to respond to all situations and profiles. Due to privileged relationships with the bank’s decision makers, the real estate broker is able to request adjustment, modulation and / or personalization of the loan clauses.


Thanks to the knowledge and skills of the broker, the client doesn’t need to have a contact with banking organizations or compare offers or negotiate the terms of contracts. In addition, banks usually respond very quickly to real estate brokers. Furthermore, you will benefit from the services of a single main contact.