You don’t live on the spot, or you don’t know local craftsmen?

Cabinet Bourgogne Alesia is here to help! Are you ready to buy a property but it requires some work? Properly evaluating works will enable you to estimate necessary costs.

Energy Savings: tax credits for energy transition

Taxpayers domiciled in France may benefit, under certain conditions, from a tax credit calculated on the price of materials and equipment, excluding labour (with exceptions), for expenses that will favour energy savings.

The sustainable development tax credit has been replaced by the energy transition tax credit (CITE) since September 1, 2014, which was renewed in 2017.

This tax credit is characterized by:

  • a single rate of 30% irrespective of the number of transactions carried out;
  • an unconditional grant of resources;
  • the elimination of the notion of work package in relation to the tax credit for sustainable development.

Call on the sector professionals

You’ve identified the types of work to be done in the property you wish to acquire: now you need to obtain estimates from professionals in the area. To properly estimate renovation costs, don’t hesitate to call several craftsmen for the same job. It’s up to you to present your projects to them, to ask for quotes and to compare offers. Only by playing the competition can you get a good overview of the amount required for the work.

If you wish, the Cabinet Bourgogne Alésia can take care of these requests for you. Our good knowledge of local businesses, will allow you to be in direct contact with serious and competent professionals in the area.