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Bourgogne Alésia Cabinet join the FNAIM network!

Cabinet Bourgogne Alésia is FNAIM member since this year! You have probably already seen the yellow cube logo of the National Federation of Real Estate but, concretely, what does it mean to be a FNAIM member? How does this change anything for Bourgogne Alésia and, ultimately, for customers?

To understand why it was important for the Cabinet Bourgogne Alésia to join the network FNAIM, return on the missions of the National Real Estate Federation. The FNAIM is a union of professional unions working in Real Estate, created in 1946. It provides various missions to professionals in the real estate sector and acts in their interest and the interest of their clients. A real reference for public institutions, companies and consumers, being a FNAIM member is a guarantee of quality in the real estate sector.

For Bourgogne Alésia Cabinet, membership of La FNAIM was essential. Positioned on the same guideline, it was obvious for Emmanuelle Carbonneaux, head of the firm located in Venarey-Les-Laumes, to be part of and benefit from the FNAIM network. Indeed, the federation offers a multitude of tools to allow its members to be even more competent and therefore to offer an optimal service to their customers. From the support of a very important professional network to legal aid, through professional training, being a member of FNAIM, is knowing how to stay closer to the expectations of the customers!

With its 21 regional Chambers and 64 departmental chambers, the FNAIM. is represented throughout France. Close to its members, these places offer the opportunity to exchange and enrich themselves between real estate professionals to meet the needs of more and more demanding customers.

Cabinet Bourgogne Alésia has participated in several training since joining the FNAIM network, and perfecting its knowledge of particular clauses of the compromise or property valuation. Joining the FNAIM network means being part of a solid and competent network for Bourgogne Alésia and guaranteeing quality of service for its customers!

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